Caplas, 2016, dimension variables, plaster, backed clay.

Caplas is a series of sculptures that originate from the observation of people living in city streets. Every morning some of them have a specific routine that is to fold and rearrange there belongings that will soon be visible by the masses. They clear up the scene to make all fit in their self made space. Most of the time it is a body scaled place built with available materials they work on to make it fit. Pallets can be found all around the world and can be easily combined. The Caplas is a kids games composed of small pallets of wood.

Untitled I-VII, 2016, 61 x 51, silver gelatin prints

This series of prints where shot on construction sites all around the city of Reims. Those excavated sand castles attempt to escape their true scale. They are visual traps, ephemeral ruins that won't live past the weekend but will probably be visible from far away. To see the small as gigantic and turn the mundane into extraordinary.