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Ressaca, 2016, 240 x 400 x 20 cm, steel, water, engine

In French the ressac is the backwash that you can observe at any scale and place from artificial lakes from Noisy-Le-Grand in Paris to any coast in the world. In Portuguese ressaca means
hang over. Ressaca is an experiment built to reproduce a natural phenomena with no willingness to fake the environment it's taking place in. The whole system is built to create a contingent wave machine. The noise of the system fills the distorted space that can be seen in the reflection of the ponds.

Hamac, 2016, 200 x 145 x 3 cm, steel, hydrochloric acid

Hamac is an ode to the most simple and efficient human body scaled mobile space. In deed the hammock allows one to get off the ground in mostly any environment. It fits the body and can balance movement with the help of gravity. This flat sculpture is a hard image that carries the
idea of its' subject.
Trap, 2016, 30 x 10 , 10 cm, galvanized steel, string, cigarette, plastic