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Les Rives Du Lac, 2016, dimension variables, concrete, steel, swivel castors, inkjet prints on pvc paper.

Les Rives Du Lac is a work in progress. The translation of this title is The Lakeshores.

The shore is that inbetween space where the flatness of the water meets the volume of the landscape. The images reflected on the water change when covering the sand or the rocks of the shore.

The idea of the shore exemplifies my work process. I relate photography to the flatness of the water and sculpture to the volume of the landscape.

My practice goes back in forth in this changing zone that is the shore.
Images are spacialized and are experienced while walking around in the exhibition space. The prints are being looked at and are also looking at one another.

The space becomes a concrete based archipelago of images from where a narration can occur.

This work in progress questions the ways of showing photography in space and focuses on object and places that relate to my sculptural practice. cm (8) 2-2.jpg